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by: Replogle
   Its easy to use.

Just point the IntelliPen anywhere on the globe, or in the accompanying World Discovery Book, and hear about almost any geographic feature that you wish to explore on your globe or in your book.
The IntelliGlobe has 20 categories of information with over 30,000 facts about the world at the touch of the IntelliPen.
Plus games to see how fast you can find features on the globes. Beat your own times or your competitor!

Thoughtful design features include:

A globe surface area 77% larger than many other models in the market. This scale allows you to easily see major cities and landmarks that cannot be located on smaller models. The IntelliGlobe II is the only smart globe with information about specific cities, U.S. states, and provinces in several countries.
The easy-access globe ball turns completely upside down in its mounting to allow clear access to Australia, Antarctica and the rest of the Southern Hemisphere.
The IntelliPen has no wire to get tangled up in while using your globe. Just pick up the rechargeable IntelliPen, turn it on, and it is ready to use for up to 2.5 hours.
The World Discovery book has 60 pages of educational information readable by the IntelliGlobe II pen. This fun-filled book includes supplemental maps of the United States and Europe and features thousands of entertaining facts.
Our IntelliGlobe II features true national borders and conforms to the highest educational standards for globe accuracy. Other not-so-smart globes, leave out Israel, change the borders of Kashmir, do not show Taiwan as an independent nation, and depict Japanese islands as part of China. Intelliglobe Pen Guide
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